Webinar: Writing a Winning Grant Application


Suzanne Costner, School Library Media Specialist, offers insights into finding and writing successful grant applications. Her presentation includes topics such as:

     -Easing into the world of grants

     -Funding resources

     -How to use special funding opportunities

     -The importance of wish lists

     -Helpful tips for great applications

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Webinar: Build Your Grant Writing Toolkit Part I


Dr. Rita Oates, president of Oates Associates, presents the first of two free GetEdFunding webinars that focus on preparing for, searching, and writing winning grants. She covers:

     -Researching your school profile to understand your eligibility for specific grants

     -Prepping the profile of grant leaders

     -Using the database to search for grants that fit your school

      and your student population

     -Finding partners in your community to help with grant-required matching funds

      or donations

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Webinar: Build Your Grant Writing Toolkit Part 2


In this second of two free webinars, Dr. Rita Oates continues to help you prepare your grant writing toolkit to search for opportunities and to write winning grants. She covers:

     -Asking for equipment vs. sharing a vision

     -Writing a Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

     -Using the database to search for grants that fit your school

     and your student population

     -Understanding how your vision, budget, and evaluation plan must align

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Webinar: Grant Writing 101: Basics for Beginners

In the GetEdFunding webinar, "Grant Writing 101: Basics for Beginners," Louisiana educator Terri Simpson presents tips and tricks for grant writing based on her own success securing grants and her experience in helping others with grants.
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Webinar: The Funding Outlook in Education

In the GetEdFunding community's first webinar, Dr. Jenny House provides an update on the funding landscape for 2014. She addresses the following questions:
     -What does the federal funding look like for the rest of the school year?
     -Are there any new funds on the horizon?
     -What are the latest funding trends in the states?
     -What money can you get a hold of NOW vs. for the 2014-2015 school year?
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Proposal Budgeting Basics Webinar

Source: Foundation Center
Watch this webinar to answer budgeting questions such as:
     -How are the components of a project budget?
     -How do you determine reasonable costs?
     -What financial documents do funders want to see?
     -What do you do with your budget after the grant?
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How to Write Capacity-Building Grants

Source: Laura Minnegerod, eHow Presenter
Capacity-building grants are typically on a much larger scale than classroom grants. However, the fundamentals of applying for these grants remain the same. The video provides some insights into how to make the most of grant opportunities for your district or school.
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Potential "Red Flags" When Your Proposal Is Being Reviewed

Source: GrantSpace, a service of the Foundation Center
When you're writing a grant proposal, it is often helpful to know the "red flags" grant reviewers look for in the proposals submitted to them. In this short video, grant reviewers share the issues in a proposal that raise a red flag for them. Does your proposal contain any of these red flags that might get your proposal denied?
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Federal Grants Writing Workshop

Source: U.S. Congressional Representative John Conyers, Host of Grant Writing Workshop
Understanding the ins and outs of federal grant writing is a complicated and time-consuming process. Education grants specialist Merlene Alicia Vassall walks through the process and provides best-of-practices tips for grant writing experts and novices alike.
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How to Get a Grant? What's Most Important?

Source: The Grantsmanship Center, Webinar from the Grant Writing Proposal Series
The "problem" (why you need the funds) is at the heart of any grant proposal. This is the most critical aspect of a grant proposal because if your need is not communicated well, your proposal loses impact. Here are some tips to make sure you express the reason for your need clearly and effectively!
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Grant Writing Tips & Advice

Source: Grant Writing Coach, Rodney D. Walker
Grant writing is more than making sure you have all the technical details correct. It's about the relationships you have, not just with the organization that's awarding the money, but within your own organization and your community. Are these relationships coming through in your grant applications?
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Webinar: Introduction to Fundraising Planning

Source: GrantSpace, a service of the Foundation Center
When raising money for your school, you need a fundraising plan. The tips in this webinar will help you get organized to make the most of your fundraising.
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How to Apply for Federal Grants

Source: The Grantsmanship Center
Federal grant applications are complex and include a language of their own. If you're new to grant writing, take the time to become familiar with the standard eight-section proposal format and what is expected in each category. You'll find the next federal RFP much easier to understand!
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A Day in the Life of an Educator Using Cisco Collaborations Solutions

Watch this video to find the answers to some of the pressing questions facing educators: How can collaboration technologies help improve student performance? How might educators innovate to better engage with students? And more.
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