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$100,000 Dream Big Teacher Challenge

Sponsored by Farmers Insurance, Inc., Thank a Million Teachers Initiative
Web Site:
Contact:Farmers Insurance, Inc.
4680 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Description:Through the Thank a Million Teachers Initiative, the $100,000 Dream Big Teacher Challenge aims to help fulfill teachers’ dream projects that go beyond the classroom and touch schools and communities in a profound and positive way. Applicants must be current full-time kindergarten through grade 12 teachers in the United States who have submitted a proposal for a $2,500 grant and have received a thank you post on

Proposals for the $100,000 Dream Big Teacher Challenge requires applicants to provide not only a detailed description of the project, but also an itemized breakdown of budget, supplies, staff hours, and reasonable time lines to execute the idea.

All qualified submissions are first evaluated by a panel of judges that chooses 15 finalists across the country. The finalist proposals are posted online and voted on during October and November. The proposals that receive the most votes in their region will be named the winner. A total of five winners, one from each region, will be selected. Official contest rules including the regions are available on the website.
Eligibility:Private, Charter, Public
Award(s):Up to five grants of $100,000 each are awarded.
Deadline(s):Proposals are due July 31, 2014.
Focus:Community Involvement, General Education
Grade Level(s):K-2, 6-8, 3-5, 9-12
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