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Google Science Fair

Sponsored by Google Inc. in partnership with LEGO, National Geographic, Scientific American, and CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research)
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy.
Mountain View, CA 94043

Competition Administrator:
Marden-Kane, Inc.
195 Froehlich Farm Blvd.
Woodbury, NY 11797
Description:The Google Science Fair is an online science competition open to teenaged students from around the globe. Entries are accepted in 14 languages. Students aged 13 to 18 are challenged to submit their ideas and projects that could change the world. Projects may focus on the following topics, using one main topic and up to two subtopics: Flora and Fauna, Food Science, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Inventions and Innovation, Electricity and Electronics, Robotics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Energy and Space, Astrophysics, Computer Science, and Mathematics.

Projects will be placed into one of five categories, taking entrants’ topic selections into account: Natural Sciences Category, Physical Design and Engineering Category, Pure Sciences Category, Space and Physics Category, and Computer Science and Math Category. Projects will be judged in one of two age groups: 13 to 15, and 16 to 18. Ninety regional finalists will be chosen from all the entries (up to three per age group in each of the three regions from each of the five categories). Twenty of those regional finalists (two age group winners from each of the five categories) will be selected to go to Google’s headquarters for a chance to compete for the Finalist Awards. One finalist from the Finalist Awards will be determined as the Grand Prize Winner. The entrant with the next highest score in the corresponding category is the finalist and winner of the Finalist Award in place of the Grand Prize Winner.

In addition to awarding a Grand Prize and Finalist Prizes, the Google Science Fair competition includes the following awards:
• The National Geographic Explorer Award honors a project in the natural sciences.
• The Scientific American Innovator Award honors a project in pure science categories.
• The LEGO Education Builder Award honors those students who use an innovative, hands-on approach to solve some of the greatest engineering challenges.
• The Virgin Galactic Pioneer Award honors a project in the field of space and physics.
• The Google Technologist Award celebrates a project that has the potential to change the world through outstanding and innovative work in the field of computer science or math.
• The Incubator Award celebrates a student between the ages of 13 and 15 whose project shows extraordinary promise in a field of science and engineering.
• The Community Impact Award honors a project that makes a practical difference in his or her community by addressing an environmental, health, or resources challenge.
• The Inspiring Educator Award honors the contributions of one outstanding educator who goes above and beyond to encourage their students to achieve great things.

More information about all awards can be found at:

Around September, the names of the Google Science Fair winners will be posted on the competition site. In addition, to obtain this information, applicants may also send a postcard (with a return address clearly marked for receipt) to Google Science Fair 2015 Winners List c/o Marden-Kane, 195 Froehlich Farm Blvd., Woodbury, NY 11797 Attn: BH.
Eligibility:Private, Public, Charter
Award(s):The Grand Prize winner is awarded a $50,000 scholarship, intended to further the winner’s education. Multiple awards are available, and detailed information about each award is available on the website.
Deadline(s):Entries are due May 18, 2015.
Focus:Environmental Education, Family/Consumer Sciences, STEM, Technology Ed
Grade Level(s):6-8, 9-12
Content Area(s): Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences
21st Century
Themes and Skills:
Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Environmental Literacy, Global Awareness, Health Literacy, Innovation, Problem Solving
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