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TEAMS Teaching Prize

Sponsored by TEAMS: The Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages
Contact:Laura Wangerin, Member of Board of Directors
Electronic communication only

Description:The purpose of the teaching prize is to recognize excellence in designing and teaching lessons in medieval studies, including but not limited to such areas as history, literature, and art history in kindergarten through grade 12 schools.

The lesson should be submitted in a narrative format. TEAMS suggests the following elements be included as minimum guidelines:
• An introduction that specifies for whom the lesson was designed, the purpose of the lesson, and how it fits into the larger unit or curriculum.
• A body that discusses how the lesson was taught, including any preliminary preparation, details regarding implementation, and how student learning was assessed.
• A conclusion that includes such items as reflections on the success of the lesson in the classroom and possible ways the lesson might be modified for different situations.
• Appendices with any relevant handouts or other supporting materials, and a list of resources for students and teachers.

All submissions should include a cover sheet indicating the title of the lesson, the teacher’s name and title, the teacher’s institutional affiliation, and which category the lesson falls under: grades kindergarten through grade 8 or grades 9 through 12. Prizes may be awarded to either category or both, but not necessarily one to each.
Eligibility:Public, Private, Charter
Award(s):Awards include $1,000 for the first prize and $500 for the second prize. Winning lessons will also be published in the fall edition of The Once and Future Classroom.
Deadline(s):Applications are due May 15, 2015.
Grade Level(s):K-2, 3-5, 6-8
Content Area(s): Arts, Reading/English/Language Arts, Social Sciences
21st Century
Themes and Skills:
Civic Literacy, Global Awareness, Information Literacy
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