C-SPANís StudentCam Video Documentary Competition

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C-SPANís StudentCam Video Documentary Competition


Sponsored by C-SPAN Education Foundation

Contact:C-SPAN Education Foundation

Phone: 800.523.7586
Email: educate@c-span.org
Description:C-SPANís StudentCam is an annual national video documentary competition for students in grades 6 through 12. Individual students or teams of up to three students create a short video documentary on the theme of ďThe Constitution and You.Ē Each video documentary should choose a provision of the US Constitution and create a video illustrating why it is important. Video documentaries are judged in two categories, middle school and high school, with prizes to be awarded to student winners and their teacher advisors or schools. Winning videos of the grand, first, second, and third prizes may be aired on the C-SPAN Networks.

A teacher or other school staff member may advise a student or team; however, a teacher advisor is not required. The student or student team must do all work on the video, from concept to production.

To be eligible, each video documentary must include the following five elements: a complete exploration of the documentary's issue; inclusion of C-SPAN programming relating to the focus issue (a link in the contest rules identifies available C-SPAN programming); various opinions on or about the issue so that multiple views are explored in the documentary; be within the time limit of five to seven minutes in length for the documentary presentation; and provide credits at the end of the documentary or a list of works cited, which must be sent to the email contact address. (Credits are not included in the time limit and may begin at the seventh-minute mark of a video.)

In addition, a documentary may include but is not required to feature interviews, music (preferably copyright free), graphics, diagrams, still images, narration (if used, it must be an original script), and B-roll footage (video pertaining to the topic other than required C-SPAN material).

To enter, all submissions must be submitted online. A student or student representing a team must complete the entry form, available on the website, and upload the form and the completed video documentary by the deadline. A finished documentary must be in one of the following video formats: .AVI, .MOV, .MPG, .MPG2, .MPEG2, .MPEG4, .MP4, .WMV, and under 2gb in size when submitted. Note that all video documentaries submitted become the property of C-SPAN.
Eligibility:Private, Charter, Public
Award(s):One grand prize of $5,000 is awarded to the student or team and $750 to the teacher advisor or school to purchase digital video equipment for the school. First-place prizes of $3,000 each to the student or team and $500 each to the teacher and school are awarded. Second-place prizes of $1,500 each to the student or team and $250 each to the teacher and school are awarded. Third-place prizes of $750 each to the student or team and $125 each to the teacher and school are awarded. Honorable mentions of $250 each to the student or team are awarded.
Deadline(s):All entries must be uploaded by January 18, 2018.
Focus:Journalism, Library/Media
Grade Level(s):6-8, 9-12
Content Area(s): Social Studies/Sciences
21st Century
Themes and Skills:
Media Literacy
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