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Bridging Cultures through Film: International Topics


Sponsored by National Endowment for the Humanities

Contact:Bridging Cultures Through Film: International Topics
Division of Public Programs
National Endowment for the Humanities
400 7th St. SW
Washington, DC 20506

Phone: 202.606.8269; 866.372.2930 (TDD)
Email: (For questions)
Description:The Bridging Cultures through Film: International Topics program supports documentary films that examine international and transnational themes in the humanities. These projects are meant to spark Americans’ engagement with the broader world by exploring countries and cultures outside of the United States. Proposed documentaries must be analytical and deeply grounded in humanities scholarship. The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Division of Public Programs encourages innovative nonfiction storytelling that presents multiple points of view in creative formats. The proposed film should range in length from thirty minutes to a feature-length documentary.

NEH invites a wide range of approaches to international and transnational topics and themes such as an examination of a critical issue in ethics, religion, literature, or history viewed through an international lens; an exploration of a topic that transcends a single nation-state; a biography of a foreign leader, writer, artist, or historical figure; or an exploration of the history and culture(s) of a specific region, country, or community outside of the United States. Applicants for development grants are strongly encouraged, and applicants for production grants are required, to demonstrate international collaboration by enlisting scholars based both in the United States and abroad, or by working with an international media team. Such collaborations should bring broader cross-cultural perspectives to the proposed topics.

Eligible applicants are US nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, state and local government agencies, and federally recognized Indian tribal governments. Applications should be submitted through the online system. Work samples may be submitted either as DVD or through a URL in the application form. DVDs must be submitted by postal mail.
Eligibility:Public, Private, Other (including homeschool, 501 (c)(3) organizations)
Award(s):Grants up to $75,000 (for development) and up to $800,000 (for production) are awarded.
Deadline(s):Applications are due June 10, 2015.
Grade Level(s):Higher Ed
Content Area(s): Arts, Reading/English/Language Arts, Social Sciences, World Languages
21st Century
Themes and Skills:
Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Global Awareness
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